Social Media and Brands in Australia

I came across the following info graphic whilst researching how people use social media in Australia and thought it would be interesting to you.The information is sourced from Nielsen report in March 2012.


   Click the image for a larger view and to visit the source.

Summary of findings:

The key takeaway points from my perspective are these:

  • A huge proportion of social media users in Australia have Facebook Accounts; often 100% in some states. Sixty two percent of internet users in Australia use social media so these numbers are very significant.  It sure makes you wonder if you’re doing enough in this channel.
  • Given that Google+ didn’t exist in 2011 and this report was prepared in March 2013, I would bet that G+ is a lot bigger now.
  • Reviews of other consumers are very influential in buying decisions.  In 40% of cases where prople were doing research online, it led to a purchase!
  • People love to find bargains and giveaway.

I hope that you find this information useful and that it prompts you to think about your own participation in social media channels; especially Facebook and Twitter.

It’s important to understand because of the increased emphasis of social media on search engines.

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