Remarketing is Noticed By Web Site Visitors

A recent survey by eMarketer Daily, shows that more marketers are using Remarketing campaigns to remind web site visitors of their products and services.  But, does this translate to sales?

To answer the question, we need to firstly determine whether visitors to your web site actually notice your ads when they’re surfing the net.  58% of survey respondents said yes.  So most are noticing remarketing ads.  Of course, that’s not enough to generate sales.  They must click the ads to be placed on your web site and then follow-through with the sale.

One question that many of our clients ask is “will the prevalence of ads annoy my customers”? 

The way remarketing ads works is like this:

  1. A visitor to your web site is added to a remarketing list.
  2. When they visit other web sites on the internet, we place your advertisement (text and banner ads) in available advertising slots on the pages.
  3. Visitors are reminder of your brand, product or service offering and click the ad which directs them to a page on your web site.
  4. They may, or may not, then take the action you desire.

We can decide for what period after the first visit to your web site we display the advertisements.  This can be up to 365 days.  That’s what prompts the question.

The survey sought responses from participants and 30% said they appreciate the ads while 11% found them annoying.  59% were “neutral” when asked the question.

Interestingly, regardless of how they felt about the ads, some went on to buy the product or service after being reminded.

We all know that web site visitors are shopping around and will visit many web sites to find what they’re looking for.  What can happen along the way is that they get distracted and forget about your web site.  Maybe they are not actually ready to buy at the time they visited but will be in future.  Remarketing offers an effective way to remind them about your brand, products and services and can result in sales that you may have missed.

For more information on this survey, visit the eMarketing web article here>>>