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95 %
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The Mobile Roadworthy Guys provide roadworthy inspections, pre-purchase vehicle inspections and logbook servicing to customers in Queensland.  In February 2017, they embarked on a business transformation process which included realigning the business model with the business strategy and putting in place sales processes to improve performance.

Webwings were asked to assist with redesign of the website to improve performance and achieve a higher conversion of visitors to leads.  We were also tasked with putting in place a new Google Adwords campaign to attract qualified visitors from locations they service.

The new website design (below) incorporates an SMS Quote form.  Read more about that below...

Roadworthy Guys Sunshine Coast

Launched in March 2017 the new Roadworthy Guys website features:'

  • Mobile responsive website with friendly look ad feel
  • New SMS Quote form
  • Showcase individual service providers

Responsiveness to customer inquiries is paramount for Roadworthy Guys.  When a visitor is searching the web for a mechanic to provide a roadworthy inspection or a pre-purchase vehicle inspection, most want to book soon.

The new website integrates with a telephony system to send SMS messages directly to the call centre.  This enables call centre representatives to reply quickly and in the same message format as the sender.  It also means a quote is delivered in seconds rather than minutes.

The number of leads from visits is up 95% to 31.25% and conversions from leads to sales is up to 75%.  ‚ÄčThat's a huge boost to revenue.

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