Jabula Roses Sunshine Coast

Jabula Roses Sunshine Coast Queensland

Jabula Roses

  • Responsive Design
  • Answers Common Questions
  • Clear Call to Action

The Jabula Roses Website Story

Webwings was approached by Jabula Roses in 2012 to design their first Website which we did.  In 2017 we were asked to redesign the website to something "more modern".

The background to this story began when Jabula was looking to grow their business.  They didn't have a website presence and it was difficult for prospective clients to choose flowers.  The first website did that but was not designed for mobile devices like mobile phones.  So a new site was created in 2017.

A key requirement for the website is to enable prospective clients to have an accurate visual representation of the roses.  To achieve this we photographed all the flowers, and in some cases several times, to achieve an authentic look.  Here's one example...

Varieties of Roses sold at Jabula

Rose Varieties

A gallery was included to provide a single view of all rose varieties and the ability to select one flower and zoom in for greater detail.

Secondly the call to action was strengthened.  As most visitors are looking to place an order, an "order now" button was placed at strategic places in the page.

Anyone who grows roses will know that they are susceptible to pests.  The website emphasizes the move to more environmentally friendly farming practices.

Building an Online Presence

In addition to creating the new website, Webwings reviewed previous website and advertising data.  This helped to identify opportunities to improve the visibility of the Jabula Roses website online.  Since the new website was launched there has been a significant improvement in visibility and the web traffic has increased accordingly.